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The MKT Injection System VMZ Dynamic, consisting of an injection adhesive and an anchor rod with conical expansion elements, was the first product to receive a European Technical Assessment (ETA) for retrofitted fasteners in concrete under fatigue-relevant cyclic loading.

The combination of injection adhesive and anchor rod with conical expansion elements combines the advantages of bonded and expansion anchors in an approved fastening system for cracked and non-cracked concrete, and allows high loads at low edge  distances and anchor spacing.

The MKT Injection System VMZ Dynamic is available in steel, galvanized, stainless steel A4 and highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel HCR. To meet the various assembly requirements, the user can choose from two VMZ dynamic anchor rod sets:

  • For through-setting installation, the anchor rod VMZ-A is particularly suitable as it is already pre-assembled, thus saving assembly time.
  • For pre-installation or if the installation method is unclear, the anchor rod set VMZ-AV is the right choice. By appropriate assembly, pre- or through-setting installation can be chosen just before installation.    



  • First European Technical Assessment (ETA) for retrofitted fasteners in concrete under fatigue-related cyclic loads
  • Optional preassembled anchor rod (VMZ-A) for through-setting installation
  • or anchor rod set (VMZ-AV) suitable for pre- and through-setting installation
  • Drill hole  with hammer drill, compressed air drill or suction drill
  • Special nut and washer compensate for alignment  inaccuracies
  • Very high load capacity for axial and diagonal tension loads
  • Full load capacity in wet and water-filled drill holes
  • Higher load capacity with limited number of load cycles
  • A distinction between static- and alternating loads is possible in the anchorage design
  • Opened cartridges can be stored and used with a new static mixer



Anchoring heavy loads with fatigue-relevant effects for unlimited load cycles in cracked and non-cracked concrete: crane systems, industrial robots, antenna masts, noise barriers, elevator tracks.