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Injection System VME plus

The VME plus injection system is based on an epoxy resin adhesive and has European Technical Assessments for fixings in cracked and non-cracked concrete and for subsequent reinforcement connections. It is slow curing and remains workable for a long time. This makes the VME plus injection system ideal for high temperatures and large setting depths. Since it does not shrink during curing, it is also excellent for fixings that require impermeability.

With variable anchorage depths and the possibility of using metric anchor rods (VMU-A, V-A), internally threaded rods (VMU-IG), commercially available threaded rods with acceptance test certificate 3.1 (for example MKT VM-A) or rebars and tie rods, the VME plus injection system can be used in a variety of ways. The approved use of the SB suction drill reduces contamination of the construction site and dust exposure of the respiratory tract to a minimum. Subsequent drill hole cleaning can be omitted


  • European Technical Assessment in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • European Technical Assessment for post-installed rebar connection
  • Long processing time, therefore ideal for large embedment depths and for high temperatures
  • No shrinkage, therefore tightness of the fastenings
  • Wide range of application, as up to 40mm rebar diameter allowed
  • Very high, approved loads, even under seismic effects
  • Approved under fire exposure
  • Drill hole creation with hammer drill, compressed air drill or hollow drill bit