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Thanks to its independence from the power cord and compressed air, the MKT VM-P Akku Dispensers can be used in a variety of applications and can be quickly deployed, even in remote places and outdoors. They are available for all MKT injection adhesives and for many cartridge sizes.

The robust design and the powerful 18 volt motor of the MKT VM-P Akku dispensers provides reliable extrusion of the  adhesive even at low cartridge temperatures and when using extension tubes.

Due to the infinitely adjustable  extrusion speed control, the amount of adhesive can be precisely dispensed. This makes it possible to fill small drill holes more precisely and large holes faster.

The last  amount of adhesive dispensed is saved with the repeat function and can be retrieved again and again. This avoids overfilling the drill hole for optimum utilization of the cartridge contents and less excess adhesive around the drill hole.



  • Robust design and professional quality
  • Available for various cartridge systems and sizes
  • Powerful 18 volt motor for reliable extrusion of  adhesive
  • infinitely adjustable extrusion speed for exact dosage control
  • Repeat function for saving and retrieving the last quantity of adhesive used
  • Follow-up stop with anti-drip function by automatic return after releasing the trigger
  • The end stop triggers the automatic return when it is reached. The LED light starts to flash
  • 18 V / 2Ah Li-ion high performance battery for long-term use and fast charging. No self-discharge - no memory effect. Compatible with Bosch 18V Li-Ion battery technology, therefore versatile and easily retrievable
  • 2 suspension loops for attaching a carrying- or shoulder strap
  • LED light to illuminate the drill hole