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The Chemical Anchor VZ with European Technical Assessment for cracked and non-cracked concrete is based on a styrene-free vinyl ester. Its wide-range processing temperature of -20 °C to +40 °C concrete temperature enables year-round use indoors and outdoors. At the same time, installation is quick and easy:

  • Borehole cleaning with brush and hand pump only, without cumbersome compressed air cleaning.
  • Simply insert the Resin Anchor Capsule VZ-P into the drill hole and drive in the Threaded Stud V-A using a hammer drill. No special tools are required, nor are there any pre-runs or residual quantities that need to be disposed of.
  • After only a short curing time, the fastener can already be fully loaded (6 minutes at +20°C).

The individual components of the adhesive are mixed together by screwing in the threaded stud, and only then is the curing reaction started. The threaded stud can therefore be installed without any problems after the composite adhesive cartridge has been inserted into the borehole. The system is thus optimally suited for rapid series installation. The Chemical Anchor VZ can also be used for fixings under fire exposure.
Furthermore, the water tightness of the system was proven up to a pressure of 7 bar. It thus meets the requirements of service class A for stress classes 1 and 2 according to the WU guideline (DafStb).


  • European Technical Assessment for cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • High permissible loads, small spacings and very small edge distances
  • Fire certificate for all sizes
  • Approved processing from -20°C substrate temperature
  • Very fast and reliable curing without longer curing times in wet concrete
  • Threaded Studs V-A with external hexagon for fast and easy installation; every package includes an adapter for the drilling machine
  • When using the hollow drill bit SB, subsequent drill hole cleaning is not necessary
  • Styrene free