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MKT Wedge Anchor BZ3 dynamic

The new Wedge Anchor BZ3 dynamic is the first mechanical expansion anchor with ETA for fatigue cyclic loading. It can be used in through-setting and pre-setting installation. The red color marking makes it easy to visually check the required anchorage depth. To fill the annular gap between the attachment and the Wedge Anchor BZ3 dynamic, the mortar is injected through the hole in the filling washer using a reducing adapter on the static mixer.

The quick and easy installation of the Wedge Anchor BZ3 dynamic significantly improves the economic efficiency and makes it the ideal anchor for the fastening of light to medium fatigue cyclic loads.



    • European Technical Assessment in cracked and uncrackend concrete under fatigue loading
    • Approved also for use under seismic loading, performance categories C1 and C2 and under fire exposure (R30-R120)
    • Quick and easy installation, immediately statically loadable
    • Coloured marking of the minimum anchorage depth
    • Through-setting and pre-setting installation for flexible application
    • When using the hollow drill bit SB, the subsequent cleaning of the borehole can be omitted and the development of drilling dust is avoided
    • Very low anchorage depths and minimum component thicknesses
    • Small spacings and edge distances
    • Economical alternative to injection- and undercutting systems