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Suction Drill SB

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Suction Drill SB

Suction Drill SB

The drill bit that extracts the drilling dust while drilling!

The innovative MKT SB suction drill combines two steps in one: it drills and extracts the drilling dust directly as it is created in the drill hole. This significantly reduces contamination and dust exposure to the respiratory tract.

For many MKT heavy-duty anchors and chemical anchor systems, there is no need for additional conventional drill hole cleaning, as this is already regulated by the relevant ETA. This reduces the effort and saves a lot of time during installation.

The robust design of the MKT suction drill bits with extra-large suction holes on the drill head enables a long service life with reliable suction of the drill dust. The MKT suction drill bits are equipped with a 38 mm suction pipe connection and are available with SDS-plus and SDS-max holders. This means they can be used flexibly with SDS rotary hammers and commercially available construction vacuum cleaners.

MKT suction drills are subsidized by BG Bau with 50% of the acquisition costs and a maximum of 200 euros. (Link for further information).


98% less dust than with conventional drilling
Approved for use with MKT heavy-duty dowels and chemical dowel systems, additional cleaning of the drill hole can be omitted if this is regulated in the ETA.
Easy handling; simply plug into a hammer drill and connect to a vacuum cleaner.
Extra large extraction holes for fast drilling progress and reliable extraction of drilling dust.
Optimum occupational health and safety; when used with an M-class vacuum cleaner, significantly reduces respiratory tract exposure to tiny dust particles.
Can be used with all standard rotary hammers and commercially available M-class construction vacuum cleaners.
Cost and time savings; where there is no dirt, there is no need for tedious and time-consuming cleaning.
Recommended and sponsored by BG Bau (link for further information).

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