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MKT Anchor Design Software 4.42

Software for an easy and fast design of anchoring

The windows-software for an easy and fast design of anchors: 

  • easy and clear input
  • for anchor groups and fixings close to concrete edges
  • design according to the approvals of the MKT products and European Guidelines ETAG 001 Annex C, ETAG 029 Annex C, ETAG 001 part 6, Technical Reports TR 020, TR 029 and TR 045
  • detailed display of results 
  • comprehensible printout


New in Version 4.42:

  • design of the MKT Injection System VMU plus for masonry 
  • design of the MKT Injection System VMH 
  • design of the MKT Drop-in Anchor ES with hef = 25mm for multiple use 
  • design of Internally Threaded Sleeves with MKT Injection Systems VMU plus, VMH and VME