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MKT Anchor Design Software 4.55

Software for an easy and fast design of anchoring

  • Easy and clear input
  • For anchor groups and fixings close to concrete edges
  • Design according to the approvals of the MKT products and European Guidelines EN 1992-4, ETAG 001 Annex C, ETAG 029 Annex C, ETAG 001 part 6, Technical Reports TR 020, TR 029, TR 045 and TR 061
  • Detailed display of results 
  • Comprehensible printout


New in Version 4.55:

  • Dimensioning of Wedge Anchor BZ3 A4 and BZ3 HCR with variable anchoring depths
  • Dimensioning of Concrete Screw BSZ2 A4


> DOWNLOAD MKT Anchor Design Software 4.55



MKT DesignFix-rebar

Software for the design of post-installed rebar connections

  • User interface with well-arranged 3-D input mask
  • Design according  to  EN-1992-1-1 with characteristic values of the well proven and the new MKT Injection Systems
  • Determination of steel stress and required lap length
  • Free of charge (Registration required)



PC requirements:

Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10



MKT Adhesive Volume App

Our app for easy mortar quantity calculation

With the MKT Adhesive Volume App, the adhesive quantity and the number of cartridges which is required for a number of anchorings with the MKT Injection Systems can be determined quickly and easily. The result can be sent for documentation or ordering.

The app is available for Android and iOS in the App Store or Google Play Store.