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Drop-in Anchor E/ES


The Drop-in Anchor E/ES is approved for redundant fastening for non-structural applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The anchor sizes with an embedment of 30 mm deep are also approved as single anchor in non-cracked concrete. The Drop-in Anchors with an anchorage depth of 25 mm are, however, permitted in pre-stressed hollow core slabs.

The Drop-in Anchor E/ES is placed into the drill hole in pre-setting installation and expanded reliably by means of a manual or hammer drill setting tool. Using a detachable setting tool with a stop drill bit (ASW) allows for quick and efficient, high volume installations. Using the marking setting tool produces a visible marking on the anchorsleeve which confirms the correct installation. 



  • Approved for use as multiple fixing in cracked and uncracked concrete
  • Approved as multiple fixing in pre-stressed concrete slabs
  • Approved for use as single fixing in non-cracked concrete (Anchorage depth ≥ 30 mm)
  • Shallow drilling depth, thus low risk of hitting reinforcement strikes (Anchorage depth 25 mm)
  • Quick, rational and efficient installation due to the detachable setting tool with a stop drill bit (ASW)
  • Simple visual inspection with marking tool
  • Many possible applications due to the use of standard metric screws and threaded rods
  • FM approval for the installation of sprinkler systems (M10-M20)1)4)
  • Suitable for the installation of sprinkler systems according to the requirements of damage prevention VDS, GmbH (M8-M16)2)
  • Fire resistance tested in concrete C20/25 to C50/60


1)Applies only to anchorage depths hef > 30 mm
2)Not for applications in pre-stressed hollow core slabs
3)Only for multiple use for non-structural applications
4)Also applies to ES M10x25